Why we’re Voting for David Gertler


for Howard County Board of Education


“Towson Professor David Gertler’s love of mathematics, experience in education, and experience in corporate governance make him a natural for the Howard County Board of Education.   Three distinctly different Master’s degrees (Business Administration, Electrical Engineering, and Applied Mathematics) set him far above the field.  

    A candidate with this level of educational attainment is long overdue, and we believe his expertise in quantative analysis will serve the community well in today’s data-driven world of education policy.  His experiences in teaching have helped him understand how to engage students using technology.   

    His unique career as a technology executive, research scientist, electrical engineer, and cryptomathematician bring sorely lacking STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) expertise to the Board of Education.  Professor Gertler’s long-term vision for school improvement includes innovative uses for technology in teaching and learning plus plans for research and development in the digital classrooms of the future. 

    He believes front-line educators can drive the actions of the school board and should be engaged from the inception of new initiatives, policies, and procedures.  David Gertler has transformed Fortune 500 companies, inspired students at Burleigh Manor MS’s “mathalon,” and served on the PTA Executive Board at Centennial Lane ES.  Both of his children have attended Howard County’s public schools.”

-  Howard County Education Association

“Congratulations to Howard County for having a fantastic candidate for the Board of Education. David understands the importance and the power of education. He knows first hand what it takes to be part of the system while at the same time, has a great grasp on what systems need to be explored to bring education into the 21st century. I wish there were more David Gertler's... citizens with expertise , willing to participate, to contribute and to be part of the solution to our education needs.”

-  Nancy Conrad, Founder, Conrad Foundation

“He [David Gertler] has our endorsement as well. We are impressed by his background, as a college professor and business executive, his ideas, such as making better use of technology in the schools, and his energy.”

-  Patuxent Publishing (Howard County Times, Columbia Flyer)

“I'm voting for David Gertler because I've seen first-hand his true passion for education, and his proven talents at executive leadership.  He listens, thinks and makes good things happen."

                                                                                                       -  David Schwartz

"David Gertler cares about education for our kids. He has a strong track record of involvement with the schools, he understands what our children need to thrive in college, and he wants to give them the tools to be successful in the twenty-first century. He'll be an asset for the Board of Education, for Howard County, and most of all for our children's future."

- Dr. Ken Conca, professor, American University

"David's experience, ability to teach, and his passion for education has made a significant and positive impact in our son both inside and outside the classroom.  Not only did our son's grades improve but the confidence in himself and the subject David was teaching improved as well.  Outside the classroom, David is a husband, a father and a successful business person.  You can vote with confidence that David Gertler's leadership, experience and abilities would be a great addition to our Board of Education not only for the taxpayer's benefit, but more importantly, looking out the for the best interest in our children's education."

-  Chris Benzon

“David Gertler is passionate about education and would be a tremendous asset  to the Howard County Board of Education.  He thinks out of the box and will respectfully challenge the status quo with fresh, new ideas.  A vote for David is a step towards ensuring our children will benefit from thoughtful and meaningful change.”

-  Cindy Portnoff

"Over the 25 years that I’ve known David Gertler, he has impressed me with his knowledge and skills in fiscal management and technological innovations.  I’ve witnessed his passion for education, his patience in explaining concepts and his concern for the welfare of children.  But the main reason I’m voting for David is his consistent and natural ability to listen carefully to the thoughts and opinions of all interested parties and work toward a consensus that is beneficial to all.”

-  Howard Levy, MD

“Spending thirty years in the US Army gave me great insight on how to assess good leadership.  Having two children educated by the Howard County school system gave me insight on the importance of a Board of Education membership committed to excellence.  David Gertler has demonstrated to me both the leadership skills and dedication to excellence that will make him an outstanding member of our Board of Education.”

-  Colonel (Retired)  G. Dickson Gribble, Jr.

"I will support David Gertler because he is an outstanding representative of the best and brightest in Howard County. Highly intelligent, an accomplished and successful professional, a thoroughly educated person with an open and flexible mind, he is entirely qualified to help improve the strong quality and well thought out delivery of education to our young people. As the father of two Howard County students, David has a very personal stake in the outcomes of his activity as a board member. I have known David and his family for many years and give him my vote with confidence and best wishes.”

-  Vicki Duvan

“I’m voting for David Gertler due to his integrity and passion for education in our community.”

-  Ron Meliker

"David Gertler is one of the most intelligent people I've ever met.  His sincere passion for using this gift for the betterment of others, in particular children, makes him the ideal candidate for the Howard County Board of Education. Students, parents, and teachers alike can rely on David to be their partner, their advocate, and their support system in all matters related to education, with no personal agenda other than to give every student the educational opportunities they are entitled to."

- Mary-Anne Mulcahy

“David Gertler is a person of high integrity, intensity and focus.  His drive and passion for excellence will be a welcome addition to the Howard County School Board.  Please vote for David Gertler; I will.”

-  Brian Greenbaum

"David Gertler is a person who embodies honesty and integrity and understands the importance of providing the best for our children. Gertler consistently goes out of his way to help others and is not afraid to stand fast on issues of importance. If you want a person who will do what is right and can represent the needs we have for our kids in the school system, then there is no better candidate than David Gertler"

-  James Shulgold