Actual Student Comments


for Howard County Board of Education


Would you recommend this course to others?                                                                                                       

  1. Not just the course itself, but the professor [Gertler]. I have taken pre-calc, and calc before but this time around I really grasped the concepts.

  2. Other than the timing of the course, everything else about it was fantastic. The explanation of everything was excellent, and professor Gertler always  knew when to move on or when to dwell on a certain subject.

  3. Prof. Gertler makes Pre-Cal much easier to understand than my high school math teacher did. You can tell he is knowledgable, and he puts forth effort to make class as enjoyable as possible.

  4. The professor is great and knows what he's doing. He's very organized and knowlegable, and makes the class as entertaining as possible. He's understanding and very helpful and I wish he taught upper level math courses.

  5. The professor is, overall, a great math teacher, and keeps class interesting.

  6. The professor made most concepts clear and easy to follow. The expectations for the course are clearly stated.

  7. Dr. Gertler is highly knowledgable and very articulate when it comes to explaining pre-calculus concepts. This course was very helpful

  8. The course material was hard at times but he never gave up on you. He doesn't want math to be scary to people. He will take the time to help you if need be. He is super funny also. Other students would say that learning math is fun with him as the teacher.

  9. Teacher is probably the best math teacher at Towson.

  10. The teacher was very knowledgeable in the subject and was always looking to help his students. Even if math is not your best subject, he will do what he can to help you do your best.

  11. Professor was very helpful and tries to help everyone succeed.

  12. Professor is hilarious! Helps keep the class interesting. He's always there early to help students who need it, and he genuinely cares about the students.

  13. Great teacher

  14. Everything! I have no complaints about anything.

  15. It was extremely useful and I learned SOOOOOO many new concepts

  16. Professor Gertler is a good instructor. The class is difficult in and of itself. Mr. Gertler makes a genuine effort to try and get his students to understand the material, and he applies the subject to real life situations very effectively. I think every one of his students can tell that he really tries to make math as interesting as he could.

  17. Math in general can be a tedious and brutal subject to learn. The professor made this class tolerable and even sometimes enjoyable.

  18. the teacher was a very friendly guy, who knew a lot about the subject. He could compare the the material to real life and showed us examples as well.

  19. Great professor!

  20. I liked the way the professor ran the class.

  21. nothing... it was amazing. The instructor was a GREAT teacher... he didn't only make everything interesting in fun, but he himself was  funny and was excellent at explaining the material to us.

  22. I think it would be very effective to have biweekly quizzes that test the students' abilities to apply the concepts.

  23. Probably the best math class I have ever taken.

  24. The teacher was great.

  25. Professor Gertler really knows the subject well, and if you have a genuine interest in the subject matter and apply yourself, you could really succeed in his class.

  26. If a student needs to take pre-calc, I would recommend Professor Gertler. He is the best math teacher I have ever had. He made the class interesting and relevant. It's a difficult subject and he was always there to help the students when they needed it. I have nothing but great things to say about Professor Gertler. If only he were full time faculty I would love to take Calc I with him next semester. 

    •    The professor was very clear when describing the material, was helpful, nice, and showed real life             relationships of the material.

    •     Yes. The instructor was an educator

Here are some actual, anonymous comments from students who have taken my math classes.  This is one way to show the results of the “inspirational education” method I use in class.